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Product Price Testing

Master Profit-Driven Pricing

Finding the perfect price point can be a delicate balancing act between generating revenue, maintaining conversion rates, and maximizing profits. This is where ABConvert's live traffic distribution and split test product & variant pricing comes into play.

With ABConvert, you have the ability to split test the pricing of your products and variants in real time, allowing you to see how customers respond to different price points. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about pricing and identify the ideal price point that will lead to maximized profit growth

Shipping Rate Tests

Maximize Shipping Revenue

Finding the optimal shipping rate and free shipping thresholds for your Shopify store can be a challenging task. However, with ABConvert, this process is made easy and efficient.

ABConvert provides you with the ability to evaluate your Shopify store's shipping rates and free shipping thresholds in real-time, allowing you to experiment with different pricing strategies to increase your average order value (AOV). Whether you're interested in raising your free shipping threshold or assessing a higher shipping fee, ABConvert has got your back

Product Content Testing

Optimize Product Content

With ABConvert, you can test different product descriptions to see which ones resonate best with your customers. This allows you to identify the most effective language and messaging to use when describing your products, leading to higher conversion rates and sales. By testing different descriptions in real-time, you can gather valuable data on how customers respond to different language and messaging, allowing you to make informed decisions about which descriptions to use moving forward. Gain a deeper insight into product optimizations by using ABConvert to test product descriptions and different variant images

Make effective
data-driven decisions

Boost your Shopify store's AOV and CVR with top-notch analytics tailored to A/B testing, revealing crucial insights and enabling intelligent decision-making. Utilize your tests extensive data, user-friendly visualizations, and detailed reports to detect patterns, refine tactics, and outpace competitors in the e-commerce landscape.

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Product / Variant Price Tests

Test any product OR variant pricing across any traffic split % LIVE in REAL TIME. ABConvert is one of the only Shopify AB Testing apps to do this in real time to ensure you have the most accurate data to make decisions with.

Shipping Rate + Threshold Tests

With ABConvert, you can perform real-time testing of any shipping rate or free shipping threshold on your Shopify store, eliminating the need to guess whether you are undercharging or overcharging.

Product Content Tests

ABConvert lets you test different product descriptions in real-time to identify effective language and messaging for higher sales. Gain valuable insights on customer preferences and behaviors to optimize your marketing strategy. You can also experiment with variant images to create a winning formula for product optimization and achieve your business goals

The #1 Shopify AB Testing Tool

ABConvert, a premier Shopify AB Testing tool, equips you with a suite of tests to maximize your profits right away. Featuring product pricing tests, shipping rate tests, and product content experiments, ABConvert aims to increase AOV and profit, making it the ultimate solution for your e-commerce store

Facebook & Google Ads Compatible

ABConvert ensures your current ads and catalogs remain unaffected, employing cutting-edge techniques for A/B testing execution, providing you with seamless optimization and experimentation. No need to manually update any product page URL's again!

No Coding Required

Discover the joy of effortless split testing with ABConvert, designed to increase profit without any coding knowledge. Our intuitive editors pave the way for swift implementation, making it your ideal choice for hassle-free AB Testing and revenue growth


“Best support.

They helped me get set up within the hour and even helped me with some custom code to make it custom.


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“Amazing! First I was looking at intelligems but it was 499€ a month.

I downloaded this app, and I got amazing support.

They helped us set this up, and it's working great for so much less. Love it and recommend it to all!

Viktor, founder & CEO of moonlight”

USA Shopify Plus Merchant

“Looked hard and long to find a good price A/B test app but most didn't work properly.

This one does.

Also support is very responsive and helpful.

Very affordable solution highly reccomended :)”

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